Saturday, March 1, 2014

EuroShop 2014 in Dusseldorf Germany

RTF's Corner Stand at EuroShop
RTF attended the world class, retail show EuroShop last week and demonstrated quite a transformation from the exhibition in 2011.

2014 is a year of change at RTF. RTF's success has been attributed to maintaining our customer focus, paying close attention to every detail and providing aesthetically pleasing hardware through new innovative designs. 

Vise4 in white running
SC Digital Price Tag
Above all, strategic partnerships are the foundation that RTF plans to continue to build upon going forward. 

During the retail trade show RTF focused on what was truly important, our customers and partners. Over the last year product advancements had slowed, now with a smaller more dynamic team and stronger supplier partnerships RTF will again lead in both hardware as well as software technologies.

In 2014, RTF gets back to basics with providing the best experience for the customer as well as leading the loss prevention industry in software and hardware innovation.

“Bigger is not always better” and “one size does not necessarily fit all”. These statements ring true for many aspects of our business. This year we plan to take a “boutique” approach to the products we carry and the way we service our customers. Our hardware will “showcase” the Smartphones and Tablets like jewelry, not restrain them in a cage. Our customer service experience will be personal and customized to how our clients want to be engaged.
RTF's full product offering of hardware and software solutions
Exciting advancements shared at EuroShop included the new Vise4 system. V4 is the next evolution of the successful Vise line that changed the market in 2001. Like the Porsche 911, V4 hasn't changed considerably in overall appearance but attention to ease of use, quality, security and freedom of choice has been added in our latest Vise product.

Samsung Note 3 opposite
Galaxy Tab 8
The new V4 line has complete mechanical solutions starting as low as $29 per device. System flexibility has never been greater and simple upgrades can be added to increase functionality and security.

Display4 is introduced at EuroShop 2014 and from initial input and excitement this new RTF display product will see considerable worldwide success. Forged out of aluminum the beauty of the Display4 is clearly evident as it accents current wireless retail store design. Access to the recoiler is above counter so all maintenance is simple and easily accessible.

SmartCircle demonstration
for Italian Partners
SmartCircle truly stole the show. All that participated in a demonstration of RTF's new mobile device management software left with a new perspective of how the innovative network harnesses the power inside displayed Smartphones and Tablets.

SmartCircle is a cross platform device management system that appeals to mobile store operators because the system is wireless, sets up in a matter of minutes, organically collects device data, manages digital media as well as having a simple Enterprise interface.

Smart Price Tags really grabbed attention at the booth. All smart device pricing can be managed remotely and verified for accuracy directly through the web. Gone are the days of relying on store associates to print out paper price tags for new promotions or competitive market changes.

Triangle Wireless, RTF's own wireless virtual store shared the message of being the Smartest and Greenest Store on the planet asking other wireless retailers to adopt our philosophy. Visit our site [trianglewireless.netto see our goal to reduce energy consumption in retail stores as well as sharing the rewards of saving operational dollars.

South American team reviewing new features of SmartCircle
All in all, the reconnection to what truly matters, relationships was the success of RTF's participation in EuroShop 2014. From here the industry will see distinct changes in RTF, its products as well as how its relationships are cherished.

For more information on SmartCircle of Vise4 please contact RTF Global 1-888-826-7773

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