Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014... the Year of Vise4

Not many companies are able to state they've molded an industry but we can. Since 1997 RTF has guided the retail merchandise, loss prevention marketplace in many innovative directions.

Late in the 1990's Boomerang became a successful, tape based security solution and first in sensor technology by introducing and patenting disconnectable, display alarms to protect cellular phones.

RTF then predicted a shift to purely universal, mechanical solutions and introduced the iconic line, Vise, to the world in 2001. Vise, throughout its evolution became a strong, locking, reusable security bracket for expensive wireless cell phones.

In 2007, the same year the iPhone was launched, RTF unveiled its Smartphone display security solution and commenced the industries most identifiable shift to electronic, mechanical and charging solutions for Smartphones. Vise3 incorporated the same adjustable, locking bracket technology as in the earlier version but added an electronic circuit to the aircraft cable recoiler boggling the competitions mind with how alarm and charging was conducted through a rigid aircraft cable.

Industry firsts such as PreTheft detection where the Vise system predicts theft through sensing an attempt to cut the strong, reinforced cable with scissors set RTF apart from the rest in the retail, loss prevention industry.

    Vise4 7 Phablet Security and Digital Price Tag 
In 2014 RTF will undeniably be the leader in Smart Retail Automation as the Canadian based company introduces Vise4 to the world, in Germany, next month. Dusseldorf hosts the 2014 EuroShop retail trade fair and RTF will be spotlighting the latest industry direction. Vise4 is the perfect symphony of beauty, intelligence and a solution so secure and smart that current loss prevention systems will appear archaic.

Going back to RTF's roots and providing the most aesthetically pleasing display merchandise solution RTF moves forward and manages the technology in devices unleashing the true potential of a Smartphone or Tablet on display in retail stores.

SmartCircle is an Android based software solution that manages its own OS or platform along with Apple iOS, Blackberry and Microsoft.

The in store benefits include:

  1. Easy to use as well as manage. A wireless retail automation system where you can 
  2. Data reported in store
  3. configure an entire store in under 10 minutes.
  4. Works on all operating systems such as Android, Apple, Blackberry, Microsoft and provides seamless device management, metrics data collection and media control.
  5. A perfect solution for in store security such as monitoring Smartphone and Tablet charge, alarm status as well as ensuring the Planogram is perfect and device media campaigns run flawlessly.
  6. The accurate, organic collection of store data and customer activity through the on board sensors found in merchandised Smartphones and Tablets.
  7. Digital Media Signage and Content Management control where on screen marketing campaigns are as easy as selecting the Device, What, Where and When.

    Head Office View - SmartCircle Metrics
From head office full, remote access analysing the stores condition, status, battery levels, uptime, customer lifts, touches and interaction is managed from a desktop, Smartphone or Tablet; 1 or 1,000 kilometers away.

Review your stores Planogram to see when the plan was implemented, analyze former

Planograms and gauge the success of previous retail layouts to ensure future Planogram grab the customers attention. Through Vise4 and the Smart Controller4 RTF can now GUARANTEE the store's Planogram and Freport back on accuracy and compliance.

Vise4 focuses on the strengths of a solution and not the individual parts.

We are excited to share our accomplishments so with 2014 being the "Year of the Horse", saddle up and visit RTF booth in Dusseldorf Germany for a glimpse of the future.

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Display4 - Above Counter Solutions 
Vise4 X - Tablet Solutions
Vise4 - Smart Watch Solutions 


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