Monday, August 19, 2013

SmartCircle 2.0 - New features, greater control and more flexibility

New features, greater control and more flexibility
SmartCircle is a cross-platform Smart Retail Automation System that monitors, secures and manages Smartphones and Tablets on display. SmartCircle uses the power and intelligence of merchandised handheld devices to provide a multitude of retail solutions. Hardware merchandise systems are no longer the only, or most effective, method of preventing shoplifting. Therefore, merchandising technologies such as SmartCircle are being implemented to aid in mobile device security. Store traffic intelligence, customer experience management and anti-theft protection are just a few of the features SmartCircle offers. 

To prevent product theft, SmartCircle alarms on Display devices when triggered by headphone removal, SIM card removal, loss of WiFi or loss of power. When alarming, Display devices can be set to play 1 of 5 alarm sounds. Manager devices can set whether or not to receive e-mails and/or SMS messages when a Display device alarms, as well as set the frequency of these alerts. Geo-location detection is available during alarming, and sent in SMS and/or e-mail messages to the Manager. Marketing media plays on idle Display devices using customizable pictures, videos, or websites, and audio. SmartCircle not only provides anti-theft protection, but also protects device networks and settings by blocking access to these areas.

Flexible alarm screen
With the introduction of SmartCircle Version 2.0, more features have been added to the extensive list from Version 1.0. Now, the alarm screen on Display devices is customizable and will change orientation when the device is tilted. This means that store managers can choose the tone of the message portrayed to customers when devices alarm.

While alarming, the device can be unlocked using the four corners in either landscape or portrait orientation. Unlocking is easier for managers now with both portrait and landscape capabilities, allowing for quick alarm shut-off and minimal store disturbance.

The Smart Sweep function has been added to wipe any unnecessary or unwanted content from Display devices; for example, the last website visited or photos taken by a customer. This function allows stores to manage their brand and image to the public. Inappropriate content left on devices by a previous customer can lead to an unpleasant experience for the next customer, leading to a potential lost sale.

While in idle mode, the media playing on a Display device will change orientation, either landscape or portrait, depending on the orientation of the device itself. Previously, two separate media files were needed on any Display device for portrait and landscape orientation. Now, configuration is simple because only one media file is required and will automatically orientate itself.

When a device is lifted or touched by a customer, media such as a website, image, or video is triggered. Now, a third-party app can also be configured to open. This feature can allow more interactive marketing to the customer. Choose which app opens, either when the device is touched or lifted, and allow the customer to fully engage with the device, leading to a more enjoyable and knowledgeable purchasing experience.

Digital price tag
Marketing media has been enhanced to include a digital price tag, which can be configured on any Display device. Configuration is web-based, making it easy to update content on a device displaying a digital price tag. The Display device will periodically pull content from the media URL, meaning the most current deals and promotions are always shown.

To optimize the customer experience, a function has been developed to provide Managers the option to configure a countdown warning when a Display device has had its power source removed. The countdown can be configured with a delay and is fully customizable. This feature enables full, unencumbered interaction with the device removed from its power source for the customer. Store managers can configure the countdown feature to any amount of time with any message. This message will alert the customer that they have a certain amount of time with the device removed from charging, before it alarms.

SmartCircle on a Smart Camera
SmartCircle is not only available for Smartphones and Tablets, but other handheld devices such as Smart Cameras as well. The Samsung Galaxy Camera is an example of an Android device protected by SmartCircle.

Download SmartCircle from Google Play, BlackBerry World, the App Store and the Windows Store and try SmartCircle Beta now for free until the end of December 2013.

Don’t forget to like SmartCircle on Facebook for a chance to win a vintage Vespa Stella!


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