Thursday, August 1, 2013

SmartCircle secures Smartphones,Tablets and now Digital Cameras

Digital Signage on SmartCircle OS
The Android operating system for Smart Devices is by far the more popular among consumers.

This open source software is loaded on more devices than most of the other platforms such as Apple iOS, BlackBerry and Windows combined.

Thieves in retail stores have become more savvy and hardware merchandise systems are no longer the only, or most effective method of stopping shoplifting in retail shops - software now is.

RTF, through  SmartCircle, leads the industry and marries the strength of claw based mechanical display solutions with electronic alarms, and now software device protection.

Recent image captured on Galaxy Camera
For over 16 years RTF has provided complete store, retail theft solutions and innovated in directions such as tape based merchandise security and claw protection for Smartphones and Tablets

Now utilizing SmartCircle software RTF can protect new Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Camera.

This Smartphone, Smart Camera hybrid runs full the Ice Cream Sandwich OS along with being 4G enabled, 21 x zoom and over 15 megapixels, this device truly is a smart and powerful camera. 

Manager reporting
SmartCircle, using the power of smart devices such as the Samsung Camera pulls operational information from the device like battery levels, uptime, armed status, customer behavior including lifts and touches, and reports the data back to the SmartCircle Manager.

SmartCircle Metrics is a web-based control panel, or dashboard, that allows store head offices to manage Smartphones and Tablets turning them not only into display merchandise but powerful, energy saving retail systems.

SmartCircle is a Smart Retail Automation system that can replace customer traffic counting systems, CCTV video surveillance systems, music systems, security systems and run all functions directly from the devices on display.

The Samsung Galaxy Smart Camera is now part of the group and through SmartCircle will lower equipment costs as well as energy consumption, Smart - 

Search SmartCircle on Google Play to start your equipment and cost savings adventure and unleash the power of your Smartphone, Tablet or Smart Camera.


  1. I would love to have this on my smartphone and tablets.

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