Tuesday, August 6, 2013

RTF adds to worldwide operations and opens offices in China

RTF is excited to announce the opening of our third global office in China to better serve the retail safety and security solutions market. In April of 2011, RTF opened its first international office in the UK to support the growing European customer base and the new China location demonstrates the company’s continuous growth in only two years.

This new office located in Dongguan, Guangdong province will carry out product design, quality assurance and manage the direct-ship warehouse. RTF has moved design and quality control teams to this location, resulting in quicker, more innovative design, greater efficiency and quality, as well as an overall cost reduction leading to a better customer experience. The team in China consists of a supply manager, four dedicated in-house engineers including electrical and mechanical with specializations in robotics, quality assurance and ISO practices, as well as an IT specialist in the areas of translation and business requirements.

This facility will enhance RTF’s position in mobile security retail solutions for Smartphones, Tablets and handheld devices. RTF’s team of engineers are leaders in the loss prevention industry that work on the “follow-the-sun” cycle, decreasing the time to market for new product introductions and dramatically reducing defects. The RTF China team has been busy designing, prototyping and engineering our new anti-theft protection solutions.

In the heart of the Pearl River Delta, Dongguan is an integral player in the world’s largest manufacturing region. Surrounded by Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Dongguan has access to the 450 million-person consumer market in Southern China. The new office location puts the RTF office just minutes from our manufacturing partners. This close proximity to manufacturers allows for more timely, frequent and thorough quality control and assurance audits. All of our products are continually tested and adhere to the International Standards Organization (ISO) guidelines. Our suppliers follow ISO processes and do end of the line functional testing on every product.

RTF welcomes those at the China office to the RTF Global family. We are excited to work with the new team and continue to secure merchandise and deter theft through reliability and innovation.


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