Thursday, August 15, 2013

Accurate Planograms for Wireless Retail Stores

Cell phones and PC Tablets in retail stores around the world need to be properly positioned in order to provide wireless carriers such as Bell, Verizon, Movistar, Telstra and Vodafone the confidence to execute in-store marketing strategies.

A store Planogram is like a road map of where Smartphones and Tablets need to be merchandised in the store. Retail staff are responsible to follow the Planogram guide and place the mobile devices in the proper order.

This is the intent but it is not always followed to perfection, and devices are placed in the wrong order leaving head office in the dark and not able to verify accuracy.

Through SmartCircle, Planogramming can be easily verified via the software loaded into each Smartphone or Tablet on display. Head office can log in or receive reports on the success of each re-merchandising exercise and be confident that all marketing initiatives will be properly, as well as successfully, executed.

This is another Smart feature of RTF's peer to peer, wireless Retail Smart Automation system that is currently available for download and licencing for a small monthly fee.

Like SmartCircle of Facebook to win a Vintage Vespa Stella and contact RTF for more information on SmartCircle and its many other features including increased profits and productivity, reduced hardware costs and energy consumption.


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