Friday, July 19, 2013

RTF evolves as it continues to revolutionize the industry

Old Logo
Since 1997, RTF has proven itself as an innovator in the retail management and loss prevention industry. Now RTF is transforming to achieve a new and greater vision starting with the introduction of revolutionary software, SmartCircle.

SmartCircle is knowledge based software that protects and secures Smartphones and Tablets on display. This peer to peer application utilizes innate device intelligence, such as iPhones, iPads and Samsung Galaxy S4’s, to communicate and simplify store operations. In addition to device loss prevention, SmartCircle also has the ability to collect store-level metrics. Customer experience management and reporting are simplified with SmartCircle Metrics and business challenges such as staff productivity, customer satisfaction and problem resolution are addressed.

The transformation continues with the release of the new Vise suite of products - Vise4. Vise4 is RTF’s advanced universal locking claw system that will be available in the first quarter of 2014. Vise is revolutionizing the industry once again with its remodelled look and functionality. The entire system has been designed as a lower profile, above counter, flexible solution.

Vise4 is the latest ultra secure Smartphone and Phablet anti-shoplifting solution. While providing maximum security, it is aesthetically pleasing and uses high-end materials that are lighter weight, durable and strong. The adjustable arms are easy and quick to install and lock on the BlackBerry Z10, Samsung Galaxy Note, and more. Vise4 X is the universal locking claw system for Tablets. It allows for multiple configurations for various sized Tablets and eReaders, including the Kobo, iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. This innovative system is designed with multiple alarm triggers leading to fewer false alarms.

Recoiler4 is sleek and durable, resulting in greater longevity, stability and aesthetics. The 8 port alarm Controller is smaller and smarter, allowing for more versatility in how products are displayed. The charge cap, pad and post are all new and improved, optimizing product presentation while drawing in the customer’s attention with higher end materials and finishes. The Vise4 retail security and charging system is completely compatible with SmartCircle, enabling more comprehensive use of the intelligence of display devices.

To represent these revolutionary transformations, RTF is implementing a new logo. Years ago the ellipse or oval was used to illustrate RTF’s capability to Transform Vision [Transforming Vision]. As RTF entered and exited the ellipse it transformed from red to grey.

New Logo

RTF will continue to transform the industry, the environment and our world but will no longer need to show the change through the oval. The new logo represents the future transformation going forward, while remembering our past.

By the end of 2013, the new RTF logo will replace the old logo wherever it is currently utilized.


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