Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Store-level performance and customer experience reporting with SmartCircle Metrics, available late June 2013

Purely organic, highly accurate and extremely guarded

Store managers and head office face a multitude of challenges, from loss prevention, to customer satisfaction and problem resolution, to staff productivity, and much more.

RTF understands these challenges and has developed a knowledge based software solution to address them with the introduction of SmartCircle Metrics.

Metrics organically collects store-level customer information and leading indicators using the technology in Smartphone and Tablet devices. Innate device behavior is collected from Display devices through SmartCircle’s secured wireless network.

Customer-centricity is vital in retail and with SmartCircle Metrics, customer experience management and reporting are simplified. The information captured is guarded and presented graphically in a dashboard using key variables. It can be viewed on any PC or mobile device across the globe. The data is also available for download over the Internet as a CSV file. 

SmartCircle Metrics is able to distinguish between different types of customer engagements. On board Smartphone and Tablet sensors gather device lifts, touches and interactions providing wireless retailers the information to better determine customer preferences on device hardware, software, or both.

Metrics provides valuable, accurate insight into key areas of the business:

Calculate key performance indicators to help reduce lost sales and manage your store product placement and assortment more effectively. Collect information such as most popular Smartphones and Tablets by OS, manufacturer, fixture and position, average session duration, idle devices, and number of bounces (bad sessions).

Measure performance and customer traffic, increase employee productivity and drive more sales. Capture data including operational and non-operational devices, device battery levels, and device activity per hour of the day and day of the week. 

Heighten operational intelligence at both the store and head office levels. Metrics collected include alarm occurrences in stores, alarm triggers, and alarm patterns to preemptively prevent theft.

SmartCircle OS is available for download today, SmartCircle Metrics appears in June followed by SmartCircle Digital Signage in July.

SmartCircle... Smarter


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