Friday, June 14, 2013

Samsung S3 and S4 are protected from retail store shoplifting

RTF introduces a security update to the iconic Vise loss prevention product line

As a measure to reduce the theft of the popular Samsung S3 and S4 Smartphone a stronger, more solid security cage is available that interfaces with the existing Vise3+ X system.

Theft in retail stores has been on the rise and the Samsung Smartphone is a very popular target. The new solution incorporates a reinforced steel clamp that instead of grabbing the sides, holds the Samsung S4 from the top and bottom not allowing the back battery to be removed, in turn securing the Samsung Smartphone.

Many other RTF security options are available including the SmartCircle software App that renders the Samsung device useless at the point of theft, and tracks the phone as well as takes photos and provide GPS coordinates.

For more information please contact RTF


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