Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vise evolves further than ever before with the launch of Vise4 this coming summer

RTF is excited to announce the release of an enhanced line of display security solutions - Vise4. Since 2001, RTF has changed the face of retail with its Smartphone and Tablet universal locking claws. Now, we are charging forward with another breakthrough loss prevention product.
Vise4 X is RTF's new, flexible, ultra secure Tablet loss prevention solution. With the Vise3+ we introduced addition to our product suite, now we are announcing multiplication. Similarly to Vise3+, Vise4 products carry on the ability to universally display in both landscape / portrait positions for Tablets and Smartphones. As well, the mount will electronically power wireless devices while resting on the charging base.

The Vise4 X multiplies the functionality of the Vise Tablet solution. Available in 3 sizes, and with interchangeable arms, the configuration of the Vise4 X is totally flexible to the size of any Tablet. A customizable fit means a more snug installation, multiplying the security of this universal Tablet locking claw.

When installing the anti-shoplifting system, choose the number of arms to secure to the Tablet. Start with 2 and add as many as 6 for maximum security, another way RTF is multiplying ease of use. This mechanical and electronic Tablet loss prevention system is sleek, low profile and flexible, enhancing the customer experience without inhibiting movement or setting off false alarms.

The value of X is infinite - security, customization, flexibility, ease of installation and so much more.


Claws lock over the tablet corners or sides for a solid, secure fit. Install multiple arms forged from magnesium for maximum security.

High-end materials are durable, secure and aesthetically pleasing.

Sleek and low-profile, Vise4 X draws the customer’s attention to the Tablet.

Retractable arms can lock to the Tablet sides or corners. Use 2 lightweight arms to optimize flexibility.

Reusable arms lock to various sized Tablets reducing overall operational costs.

Ease of Use
Adjustable arms are easy and quick to install as well as lock.

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