Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wireless, inductive charging retail theft security solutions

The days of plugging a USB or an Apple charge cable into your Smartphone or Tablet is nearing the end. Wireless or inductive charging is trending, and by the end of 2013 many more high tech devices will enable us to simply place our Smartphone on a wireless charging pad.

Retail stores will need to merchandise this new, wireless charging feature, and are vulnerable to increased exposure to Tablet and Smartphone theft. No wires means increased shoplifting and losses in retail shops around the world.

RTF is one step ahead and as inductive, wireless charging becomes more popular, SmartCircle Wireless Retail Store Management technology will control the Smartphones on display.

Lift the device from the inductive charge mount and the Tablet or Smartphone will inform the user that  a preset amount of time is available to engage with the consumer device. Within a window of activity the consumer will be alerted that the Smartphone needs to be replaced before the device alarms and locks.

While the Tablet or mobile device rests on the wireless charge mount the consumer can continue to engage with the mobile phone.

SmartCircle Wireless Charging will be added to the innovative Wireless Retail Store Management software by late Summer of 2013, just in time for Christmas.

For more information on SmartCircle Wireless Charging, iPhone or iPad in store please contact RTF Global  1-888-826-7773


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