Thursday, April 4, 2013

Samsung Tablet and Smartphone protection, charging, and elegant retail experience delivered worldwide

Samsung has come a long way since its creation, and now clearly defines itself as a world leader in creating amazing Smartphone and Tablet experiences. 

The Samsung Galaxy, Note, the new hybrid digital camera Smartphone, along with new flexible screen technology, all drive Samsung to lead through innovation.

RTF approaches the delivery of retail security and charging systems the same way and pursues through innovation and the best experience for the customer - Samsung and RTF are like minded.

Samsung focuses on both hardware as well as software, combining both into a device that feels good to hold while taking us anywhere we can dream of through the software apps Samsung incorporates into their Smartphones and Tablets.

RTF looks at development through the same eyes - for over 16 years we have designed retail merchandise security systems that look good, are very secure, and enhance the customer's mobile buying experience.

Through classic RTF hardware such as Vise and Boomerang, wireless retail stores have enjoyed less merchandise loss and lifts in sales.

In 2013, RTF changed the face of the Loss Prevention Industry and added a strong retail store management software program to its strong mechanical device security line.

SmartCircle, added onto RTF's dynamic display hardware or commentators' systems such as MTI, Invue, or Vanguard, will enhance device security through accessing the technology in the Tablet or Smartphone, reporting data from the displayed device back to Manager, and then to Enterprise. Head office will then have complete control of store devices, reports on which devices are on, the battery level, software version, up time and customer metrics - touches and lifts.

Information is king and collection of data from Internet-enabled devices is expected to grow to 14 trillion by 2020. RTF has the technology to do this today, through SmartCircle.

Samsung and RTF have worked together worldwide, including store fixture projects in the UK and Chile as the most recent.

For more information please contact RTF Global or RTF Europe

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