Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blackerry 10 SmartCircle App to launch in late May

Blackberry South Africa

Over the last few weeks, Blackberry 10 has launched into the world building momentum for this once dominant Superphone. Masses of loyal, Blackberry fans have jumped into the new exciting technology of the Z10, but many still wait for the tactile keyboard of the Q10.

Protecting Blackberry Superphones and Blackberry's from theft is something RTF has proudly done for many years. Both are Canadian technology companies, with Blackberry head offices situated only 45 minutes from RTF's headquarters in Mississauga, ON.

RTF secures and charges Blackberry Smartphones around the world and is excited to launch its Blackberry App for SmartCircle next month.
Blackberry UK

SmartCircle is a Wireless Retail Store Management System that utilizes the intelligence of Smartphones and Tablets to reduce costs, energy, and increase efficiencies, security, data control and digital signage success.

“By adding the Blackberry OS to SmartCircle our customers will see greater savings along with improved security”, comments Bill Dandie.

Hardware has been the only option to protect Smartphones and Tablets from theft but with the introduction of SmartCircle in March of 2013, RTF has changed the game and added a strong software solution to help in-store operations, merchandise security, customer metrics and digital signage.

Look for the final product announcement in May of 2013, and for any questions regarding SmartCirlce please visit the website or contact RTF directly.


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