Monday, April 22, 2013

RTF launches its innovative, cost effective, Android based Digital Signage solution

Today millions of dollars are invested into digital signage to promote brands such as Samsung and Apple, as well as wireless carriers including Verizon, T-Mobile, and Vodafone in retail stores.

Complex, multi-media servers, Internet connections, magnetic and mechanical sensors, miles of cords and cables, plus a ton of frustration is the message RTF heard from their customers.

In July 2013, RTF introduces SmartCircle Digital Signage, a revolutionary Android based retail digital media system.

This system takes minutes in install, uses current LCD monitors or even Tablets and Smartphones on display, and is very cost effective based on a monthly fee and no hardware costs.

As part of the Peer to Peer SmartCircle network, Digital Signage is connected to all displayed Smartphone and Tablet devices in the store and, as devices are lifted, media is triggered to nearby TV monitors or adjacent iPad's, iPhone's, Galaxy SIII's, Tablets or Mobile phones.

The software is Android based, but is designed to be cross platform and accepts two-way communication from Apple, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft [July 2013].

Imagine... no more expensive hardware and Smartphone activity such as customers touching the screen or lifting the device will initiate media messages on the mobile or nearby devices, driving customers to a buying decision.

SmartCircle OS is available for download today, SmartCircle Metrics appears in June followed by SmartCircle Digital Signage [DS] in July.
For more information on SmartCircle Wireless Charging, iPhone or iPad in store please contact RTF Global  1-888-826-7773

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wireless, inductive charging retail theft security solutions

The days of plugging a USB or an Apple charge cable into your Smartphone or Tablet is nearing the end. Wireless or inductive charging is trending, and by the end of 2013 many more high tech devices will enable us to simply place our Smartphone on a wireless charging pad.

Retail stores will need to merchandise this new, wireless charging feature, and are vulnerable to increased exposure to Tablet and Smartphone theft. No wires means increased shoplifting and losses in retail shops around the world.

RTF is one step ahead and as inductive, wireless charging becomes more popular, SmartCircle Wireless Retail Store Management technology will control the Smartphones on display.

Lift the device from the inductive charge mount and the Tablet or Smartphone will inform the user that  a preset amount of time is available to engage with the consumer device. Within a window of activity the consumer will be alerted that the Smartphone needs to be replaced before the device alarms and locks.

While the Tablet or mobile device rests on the wireless charge mount the consumer can continue to engage with the mobile phone.

SmartCircle Wireless Charging will be added to the innovative Wireless Retail Store Management software by late Summer of 2013, just in time for Christmas.

For more information on SmartCircle Wireless Charging, iPhone or iPad in store please contact RTF Global  1-888-826-7773

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blackerry 10 SmartCircle App to launch in late May

Blackberry South Africa

Over the last few weeks, Blackberry 10 has launched into the world building momentum for this once dominant Superphone. Masses of loyal, Blackberry fans have jumped into the new exciting technology of the Z10, but many still wait for the tactile keyboard of the Q10.

Protecting Blackberry Superphones and Blackberry's from theft is something RTF has proudly done for many years. Both are Canadian technology companies, with Blackberry head offices situated only 45 minutes from RTF's headquarters in Mississauga, ON.

RTF secures and charges Blackberry Smartphones around the world and is excited to launch its Blackberry App for SmartCircle next month.
Blackberry UK

SmartCircle is a Wireless Retail Store Management System that utilizes the intelligence of Smartphones and Tablets to reduce costs, energy, and increase efficiencies, security, data control and digital signage success.

“By adding the Blackberry OS to SmartCircle our customers will see greater savings along with improved security”, comments Bill Dandie.

Hardware has been the only option to protect Smartphones and Tablets from theft but with the introduction of SmartCircle in March of 2013, RTF has changed the game and added a strong software solution to help in-store operations, merchandise security, customer metrics and digital signage.

Look for the final product announcement in May of 2013, and for any questions regarding SmartCirlce please visit the website or contact RTF directly.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Samsung Tablet and Smartphone protection, charging, and elegant retail experience delivered worldwide

Samsung has come a long way since its creation, and now clearly defines itself as a world leader in creating amazing Smartphone and Tablet experiences. 

The Samsung Galaxy, Note, the new hybrid digital camera Smartphone, along with new flexible screen technology, all drive Samsung to lead through innovation.

RTF approaches the delivery of retail security and charging systems the same way and pursues through innovation and the best experience for the customer - Samsung and RTF are like minded.

Samsung focuses on both hardware as well as software, combining both into a device that feels good to hold while taking us anywhere we can dream of through the software apps Samsung incorporates into their Smartphones and Tablets.

RTF looks at development through the same eyes - for over 16 years we have designed retail merchandise security systems that look good, are very secure, and enhance the customer's mobile buying experience.

Through classic RTF hardware such as Vise and Boomerang, wireless retail stores have enjoyed less merchandise loss and lifts in sales.

In 2013, RTF changed the face of the Loss Prevention Industry and added a strong retail store management software program to its strong mechanical device security line.

SmartCircle, added onto RTF's dynamic display hardware or commentators' systems such as MTI, Invue, or Vanguard, will enhance device security through accessing the technology in the Tablet or Smartphone, reporting data from the displayed device back to Manager, and then to Enterprise. Head office will then have complete control of store devices, reports on which devices are on, the battery level, software version, up time and customer metrics - touches and lifts.

Information is king and collection of data from Internet-enabled devices is expected to grow to 14 trillion by 2020. RTF has the technology to do this today, through SmartCircle.

Samsung and RTF have worked together worldwide, including store fixture projects in the UK and Chile as the most recent.

For more information please contact RTF Global or RTF Europe

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