Friday, March 22, 2013

Cross Platform, Android, Apple Tablet and Smartphone retail display security

SmartCircle is different from any loss prevention approach in the anti-shoplifting marketplace today. Smartphone theft and Tablet loss, such as the iPad 3, is a growing problem in retail stores and shops around the world.

As thieves become smarter so do the merchandise security control measures put in place to stop theft of expensive consumer electronics such as the Samsung SIII and the Apple iPhone 5.

RTF has added another level of security, incorporating the brain of the Smartphone, creating a retail, in-store theft prevention system that locks the device after attempted theft; the Smartphone or Tablet sends emails with images attached and geo-locates the cell phone. 

In armed mode, access to areas such as Google Play and Settings are locked, ensuring the displayed Smartphone is not compromised and inappropriate or offensive material is not downloaded onto the Tablet or Smartphone merchandise.

SmartCircle Manager monitors the activity of all devices added to the Circle and information freely flows between Apple iOS and Android Jelly Bean. This cross platform operating system easily allows the displayed iPad Mini to be merchandised beside the Galaxy Note, wherein both communicate with one another increasing the strength of the Circle.

Simply download SmartCircle from Google PlayApp Store, or iTunes - install, connect to the SmartCircle network, and the Smartphone or Tablet is secured, monitored and a lite media player element is incorporated to attract and engage the customer.

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  1. This application is much better than on antiviruses.

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