Friday, December 14, 2012

12 12 12 Global Vise3+ Launch

On December 12th, 2012 RTF introduced significant advancements to its successful Vise3 anti-theft, retail store loss prevention system. 

The blue + was visible worldwide as a rolling, New Years Eve type celebration that began in Australia ended on the west coast of the Americas.

Committed employees, suppliers and partners introduced this inflatable + to the world, enjoying the experience and launching not only a new product but also a clear, concise and dynamic brand direction for 2013 .

Vise3+ adds to a popular, universal system further flexibility:
  • One mount for both wireless devices where the consumer electronic charges while resting on the base.
The worldwide launch emphasizes RTF's commitment to our global customers and delivering company products and services with a regional flair and attention.

The widely anticipated 12 12 12 announcement is now history and RTF looks forward to serving our customers around the the world with this innovative Tablet and Smartphone charging, display, mechanical and electronic anti-shoplifting system

RTF continues to prepare for its greatest achievement and product launch ever, SmartCircle in 2013. Mark March 13th, 2013 on your calender for a revolutionary retail system will be introduced changing everything - 03 13 13.

Monday, December 10, 2012

New product branding for 2013

With the launch later this week of Vise3+, RTF introduces its product strategy for 2013 today.

Simplicity is essential to core RTF products and services and the use of clean, concise mathematical symbol lends nicely to the 2013 Campaign... "You do the Math".

Vise [ ], RTF's premier brand for securing, displaying and charging consumer electronics such as Smartphones and Tablets has a rich history and today, still stands the test of time. was uploaded today to serve as an online history of this iconic brand but to also illustrate the direction of separating the company from the product. RTF has been traditionally red. The product brand moves to a cool blue with the transitional color grey, tying the product and company together.

Boomerang > dates back to RTF's inception in 1997. Being the first to patent key, detachable sensor technology RTF was well on the way to standing out as an innovative, retail display security and loss prevention company.

Throughout the years Boomerang has improved and in 2012 RTF proudly introduced its 3rd evolution announcing the Boomerang3 to the world.

RTF has succeeded in product innovation over the past 16 years but the 2013 forecast is expected to be ground breaking mainly due to the four pillars of strength and technology.

SmartCicle O will change the industry again on March 13th, 2013 or 3 13 13. A hardware/ software masterpiece, RTF will be heading into a new stratosphere as it transitions from the retail loss prevention industry to purely retail systems.

Later in 2013, to tie all the pillars together, a new Support OO engine is introduced that will define the direction and future on how the instructional message is delivered.

RTF's suite of retail security products, an aggressive and significant investment in game changing software, a fresh approach to training and a worldwide, dedicated team will ensure RTF becomes a formidable global company delivering retail store systems.