Sunday, August 26, 2012

iPhone 5 Smartphone to launch in retail stores this September

Since 2007 and the introduction of the Apple iPhone, RTF has been protecting and powering Apple's iconic Smartphone.

This game changing, wireless device was not only well designed and attractive, but the revolutionary iPhone moved many customers and competitors to the touch screen interface. In fact it created an entire industry shift towards this innovative tactile technology.

These next generation, Apple Smartphones quickly became targets of shoplifters and theft of iPhone wireless devices increased at an alarming rate.

Like Apple, RTF in 2007 also introduced new technology that continues to keep the leading, retail security and systems company at the forefront of the global loss prevention industry. This revolutionary display security system created a directional shift as well.

Vise3 launched the same year as the Apple iPhone. This key innovation included pre theft protection along with a mechanical/electronic display security hybrid approach. Because of high theft and a gap in competitors' product lines, RTF found that many new customers adopted its revolutionary anti-theft retailshoplifting system.

At the same time as Apple created a new Smartphone industry benchmark, RTF set the loss prevention bar high and its competition started to realize RTF's new direction. This trend towards both an electronic alarm as well as a strong mechanical lock protecting merchandise from theft is now an industry standard.

In 2010 iPhone 4 was introduced and the popularity of this iOS Smartphone continued to grow. Theft of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S became a serious problem and with RTF's system enhancements such as App Siren and locking display mounts, shop loss was greatly reduced.

Apple and RTF reflect each other in their approach to design and delivery as well as a focus on the best hardware and software experience.

With the new iPhone 5 appearing in retail stores the third week of September 2012, RTF is excited and prepared to charge and secure the new iPhone 5 Smartphone. Plans are in the works to provide a charge end that will work with Apple's new, smaller 19 pin dock.

Apple introduces its new hardware and software technology in the fall and RTF plans to change the retail loss prevention and store systems industry with the announcement of SmartCirlce in the spring of 2013.


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  2. Hi Susan, thanks for dropping by and sharing your comments with us.

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