Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Your product first... ours second

A Sleek, New Approach to Product Display Protection 

RTF proudly unveils Lock Cable - a new, high security technique that both secures merchandise while matching the attractive appearance of the display product.

Lock Cable successfully secures a variety of retail display items from power tools to expensive handbags with a sleek, jewelry based appeal and methodology.

This flexible, locking loop quickly wraps around handles, through button holes or any secure, opening. Using a secure tool the Lock Cable clasps onto the aircraft cable making a safety loop that cannot be tampered with.  

lockCable resembles an elegant
 piece of jewelry 
Lock Cable carries out RTF's tradition of designing modern, stylish and chic products following the belief in matching its product image with the aesthetic appeal of the merchandise
 it secures.

Lock Cable is available in both silver and black making it suitable for any product look and is an extremely simple solution to set and adjust.

When securing retail merchandise the choice is obvious. For 16 years, RTF has pursued excellence in every step of product development and the customer experience. 

Lock Cable is one of the many examples to this achievement; ingeniously weaving the practicality of security, ease of use and timeless style.