Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sit, relax and surf on the latest Samsung III or Apple iPad 3

display Chair
RTF introduced its new, sit down and relax strategy focused on giving what consumers want - alone time with their new mobile, Smartphone device.

Our cell phone has become everything from a bar code scanner to a camera, GPS, gaming system, video camera, voice recorder and gateway to our social media world.

Users continually interact with the little handheld device from "What's Apping" friends, Angry Birds attacks and filtering a new photo uploaded to Instagram. 

This technology is at the epicenter of a lot of people's lives and, when investing in a new Apple iPhone 5, Samsung III or the latest Tablets they deserve quiet, relaxed alone time.

Best of both tech worlds
RTF is the first to offer the all-in-one "display on a chair". Makes sense right? For extended periods of time customers can explore the new mobile device that eventually will be the key technology connecting them to friends and the world.

Sit, relax and surf sounds fun and it is - customers chill and can either interact with the fully charged mobile phone in the seated position or pick up the iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Microsoft phone to get a better impression of weight and feel.

iPad Security and Charging
All along RTF continues to do the job it has successfully done for the past 16 years - secure the merchandise as if it was jewelry and keep the Smartphone charged ready for use and customer interaction.

The choice is clear for Smartphone device security and charging... RTF. Come by and visit our new website for more information or drop by our PLP >

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A new, fresh, clean approach to RTF's web presence leads to simple navigation

On Wednesday June 20th, 2012 RTF launched its new, corporate web site. The interactive and simple to navigate internet destination now improves the flow of information for both new customers as well as existing clients.

Categorized "By Product" and "By Solution", RTF system knowledge can be easily grasped leading to a greater understanding, more quickly.

The main objective is to provide timely information on RTF's line of anti-theft, shoplifting prevention systems that alarm and charge expensive consumer electronic such as mobile phones and Tablets in retail stores.

In-depth information on the company, vision, leadership and culture is provided to emphasis the difference between RTF's approach and those of its competition.

Fully linked and integrated with RTF's social media outlets, customers can quickly discover current projects through avenues such as FacebookTwitter, YouTube and Tumblr.

New product inquiries are automatically synced with RTF's CRM, Salesforce as well as customer service and support cases making follow-up more efficient and timely.

Global, online customer assistance has been upgraded to be simple, comprehensive, and user satisfaction is increased by the intuitive Support Center.

RTF and all the staff who have worked very hard on the launch invite you to visit the new site.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Virgin Mobile at MUCH in downtown Toronto

Store front
Virgin Mobile and RTF work together worldwide and one of the coolest spots to interact with the latest Samsung, iPhone, Blackberry and HTC Smartphones is in downtown Toronto.

This trendy store located in the famous MUCH Music studio has been visited by many musical celebrities.

Floating Mobile Devices
Hip and happening, the fully tricked out store spotlights the latest Smartphones trends offered by the wireless carrier, Virgin Mobile.
Virgin Display

The mobile phone displays ooze funkiness as they cascade up, in an organic fashion bringing your eyes to the prize - the perfectly presented jewel, the Smartphone.

Looking out to Queen St.
Incorporating the iconic 45 degree, aluminum mount Virgin Mobile Superphones are visually pleasing, fully powered and protected against shoplifting by both an electronic and mechanical advantage.

RTF's approach is one where the merchandised Smartphone takes centre stage and the loss prevention security device falls out of sight similar to how the setting of a ring holds the diamond.

A loss prevention and mobile device charging solution needs to incorporate a pleasurable experience for the customer and attract interaction through simplicity of design and function.

One of our customers, Apple, commented at a trade show in Dusseldorf - 'The RTF system works because it doesn't try too hard'.

Drop by the Virgin Mobile Store at MUCH during your next visit to Toronto.