Tuesday, May 29, 2012

RTF grows into a new facility to better serve increased market demand

RTF christens a spectacular, 10,000 square foot corporate office with its first successful week in its new Mississauga, Ontario facility. The worldwide, in-store retail systems company recently split its corporate office from the Think Ranch innovation center so both entities can focus on the individual tasks at hand.

The corporate goal focuses on worldwide management of operations from a more efficient space, accessing a dynamic and high tech labor pool located near RTF's facilities in the heart of Canada's Silicone Valley.

North American customer support, sales, administration and warehousing are positioned at this strategic point which is connected by all major Toronto highways and rail lines. Only 10 minutes from Pearson Airport both international and domestic guests will find navigating from Toronto's international airport to RTF's offices effortless.

Ping Pong :)
The headquarters also incorporate RTF's training workshop with a fully functional store that delivers a live, full video and audio feed to RTF's worldwide offices as well as our reseller's to provide comprehensive, interactive support and training.

The attitude that makes Think Ranch a great environment to work in was transplanted to the new corporate  establishment where flexible hours, a daycare facility, and playful Ping Pong matches are enjoyed and practiced.

Think Ranch situated only 30 minutes north of RTF's Millcreek location is a haven for ideas where seeds of innovation are planted and harvested. A key group of "blue skyer's" remain at the idyllic location where anything is possible and the future RTF retail display security and in-store charging, media and management systems are being developed.

This divide and conquer strategy will catapult RTF to the forefront of a very competitive loss prevention industry. By 2014 RTF plans to lead through its innovative solutions to charge, secure, alarm and display mobile devices such as Apple and Android Smartphones as well as Tablets. 

RTF welcomes all visitors to its new corporate office and a member of the team will proudly offer a tour.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

RTF secures cordless power tools at "DIY" giant Home Depot

Power tool display
Expensive handheld power tools supplied through manufacturers such as Milwaukee, Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita, Ryobi and Black and Decker are the targets of "Do it yourself" shoplifters.

RTF security cable
Displayed hand tools are best when held by customers, and hardware retailers such as The Home Depot are challenged by dishonest individuals who hold onto the power tools, all the way out the door never paying for the home improvement hardware.

This is why The Home Depot and RTF teamed up. The RTF power tool cable security solution still provides the customer an interactive experience while reducing the chance of shoplifting. Retractable, heavy gauge aircraft cable is recoiled into attractive housings that disappear behind the display and out of sight.

High security along with a smooth, recoiled pull stimulates customer interaction and moves the DIY'er to purchase the renovation tool.
Invisible power tool

Introduced recently is RTF's new, universal and visually pleasing locking loop. This simple and secure locking hardware provides the proper size loop for each and every power tool on display.

Landing in the fall of 2012 RTF brings its electronic aircraft cable technology to hardware merchandise that forms an active alarm when cable cut is attempted.

For more details on RTF's line of cordless power tool merchandise security systems please contact RTF.