Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Smartphone and Tablets are instruments to fight shoplifting

Whether a Superphone is in your car, beside you at the airport or on display at the local T-Mobile, 

Verizon, Sprint or AT&T retail store, expensive Android, Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry devices are at a high risk of theft.

New App Siren Cable
Traditional methods to prevent  loss of expensive retail consumer goods consisted of a series of messy recoiling cables or electronic tethers that would adhere to the displayed merchandise with 3M VHB two sided tape.

These mechanical or electronic pull boxes typically connect below the counter into a electronic security module or hub that distribute a security alarm when cell phone or PC Tablet theft occurred.

Very expensive, very old technology.

With both the Smartphone and RTF being intelligent, the retail system innovator was the first to launch an Android security solution that installs onto the mobile phone, taking over and replacing all the antiquated retail security equipment under the counter.

Secures the charge cable and includes a sensor
 with a red LED for deterrence
RTF said good bye to low tech and introduced Smartphone anti-theft technology that renders the expensive handheld computer useless. Denying any benefit to quickly selling the cell phone on the streets, thieves no longer attack RTF customer installs and target stores that don't implement the patented Smartphone loss prevention application.

Android and Blackberry are currently available for immediate download and Apple and Microsoft versions will be ready by mid 2012.

Within the next couple months RTF will again launch game changing technology that will create a retail system combining alarm, charging, multimedia, customer service and in-store reporting.

For more information on RTF's new App Siren and App Siren cable technology that provides alarm, charging, Superphone lockout, SMS GPS text messages and photos of the theft all for $39.95 per handset [Competitor's systems run $85-$120 per handset] contact RTF's President Bill Dandie

Smartphone and Tablet Loss Prevention and Anti-theft Systems to reduce shoplifting in retail stores worldwide. RTF provides App-based Superphone solutions for Retail, Educational, Government and Consumer use.


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