Saturday, April 28, 2012

Target hits the bullseye with the RTF Boomerang3 mobile phone display system

The US retailer Target offers amazing brands at a remarkable value, and has now implemented the RTF Boomerang3, auto correcting Smartphone and Tablet display solution.

Boomerang3 simply defined is a small, low profile security pad that attaches to merchandise using a very high bond 3M tape called VHB.

These pads match with mounts that use rare earth magnets along with intuitive mechanical design to ensure the display merchandise always comes back to the spot it starts - like a boomerang!

Managed my the electronic retail giant, RadioShack this mobile phone kiosk offers super phones from all US carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile.

The draw of the Boomerang3 system is a combination of simple design and operation, along with great value, a long standing reputation and industry leading reliability.

RTF customers worldwide such as Vodafone Spain, Meteor Ireland and Telus Canada use the same retail display system.

Next time you design a retail fixture and need to set it straight contact one of RTF's worldwide offices for support.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Apple's iPhone 4S is safe from smartphone theft at AT&T stores in the US

iPhone 4S on display in AT&T
In anticipation of the launch of the new Apple iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S is still breaking records in customer popularity and devices sold.

RTF is preparing for the introduction of the new Apple Smartphone and through preliminary reports and buzz, it appears the next iPhone will have a curved back to better form fit the customer's hand.

Classic Apple Display
As touch screen technology advances the future Superphone shape will change and RTF is investing alot of R&D time, energy and funds into a preparedness plan to secure the lastest iPhone 5, next Blackberry, Microsoft and Android mobile phones that will incorporte the ensuing sexy, curved look.

Definitive Apple - RTF look
Superphone theft in retail stores around the world is still on the rise.  RTF continues to lead our industry in new software technology that  locks the mobile device, sends GPS coordinates and text messages through SMS as well as photos via email to ensure there is limited benefit by stealing expensive handheld mobile phones from wireless carriers such as Cricket, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular.

As RTF becomes the first hardware/software retail solution supplier the RTF engineering team nevertheless focuses on designing the best hardware solutions to combat cell phone theft from retail shops.
Recently our 12D lockable mount solution with a redundant second locking aircraft cable was implemented to create a strong loss prevention plan in AT&T stores to control the loss of the Apple iPhone 4S.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Samsung Note is very attractive to wireless, retail store shoplifters

Samsung's latest, large form factor Superphone, the Galaxy Note has cast a shadow on other popular Superphones such as the smaller Apple iPhone 4S.

Why? Because of its size and the half way, fits you like a glove, perfect feel between a cell phone and Tablet. Some are calling the new sized handheld device a "phablet".

RTF works worldwide with Samsung as well as wireless retail carriers such as Bell in Canada to promote, secure and charge this new wonder phone in retail stores. Anti-theft devices and loss prevention security systems are a key strategy and put these Tablet phones into the hands of interested consumers.

Along with all the excitement of the launch of bigger, more powerful and demanding mobile handheld products such as the Samsung Note, RTF has introduced two new innovations to support the charging requirements of larger, Tablet PC sized wireless phones.

First is LiftAct. This "limited lift" aircraft cable assembly provides all the security of RTF's recoiler but is less expensive, lasts 5-10 times longer and has much lower resistance to charge the new line of Motorola, HTC, LG, Blackberry, Apple, Nexus and Samsung mobile phones.

Also over the next month RTF will introduce the Super Recoiler. The Super Recoiler will support difficult to charge Superphones using a new boost technology that will lower resistance and extend recoiler life.

RTF is committed to providing our global customers retail theft prevention systems that are both electronically and mechanically secure, aesthetically pleasing and provide both Tablets, such as the iPad 3, and Superphones like the Samsung Note the ability to remain powered on, charged while running 24-7 promotional video on the screens.

Exciting new security options such as the Blackberry and Android App Siren provides the most comprehensive and cost effective retail theft reduction plan on the market today.

For more detail on RTF's suite of mobile phones and PC Tablet charging, alarming and lift and touch interactive media solutions contact our sales department.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Smartphone and Tablets are instruments to fight shoplifting

Whether a Superphone is in your car, beside you at the airport or on display at the local T-Mobile, 

Verizon, Sprint or AT&T retail store, expensive Android, Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry devices are at a high risk of theft.

New App Siren Cable
Traditional methods to prevent  loss of expensive retail consumer goods consisted of a series of messy recoiling cables or electronic tethers that would adhere to the displayed merchandise with 3M VHB two sided tape.

These mechanical or electronic pull boxes typically connect below the counter into a electronic security module or hub that distribute a security alarm when cell phone or PC Tablet theft occurred.

Very expensive, very old technology.

With both the Smartphone and RTF being intelligent, the retail system innovator was the first to launch an Android security solution that installs onto the mobile phone, taking over and replacing all the antiquated retail security equipment under the counter.

Secures the charge cable and includes a sensor
 with a red LED for deterrence
RTF said good bye to low tech and introduced Smartphone anti-theft technology that renders the expensive handheld computer useless. Denying any benefit to quickly selling the cell phone on the streets, thieves no longer attack RTF customer installs and target stores that don't implement the patented Smartphone loss prevention application.

Android and Blackberry are currently available for immediate download and Apple and Microsoft versions will be ready by mid 2012.

Within the next couple months RTF will again launch game changing technology that will create a retail system combining alarm, charging, multimedia, customer service and in-store reporting.

For more information on RTF's new App Siren and App Siren cable technology that provides alarm, charging, Superphone lockout, SMS GPS text messages and photos of the theft all for $39.95 per handset [Competitor's systems run $85-$120 per handset] contact RTF's President Bill Dandie

Smartphone and Tablet Loss Prevention and Anti-theft Systems to reduce shoplifting in retail stores worldwide. RTF provides App-based Superphone solutions for Retail, Educational, Government and Consumer use.