Saturday, March 10, 2012

Apple releases the iPad 3 on March 16th and RTF holds on to protect it

Apple iPad 3
The third generation iPad launches in mid March and RTF, the leader in anti-theft retail security systems has a display solution.

When the first iPad hit the market in 2010 RTF developed a new 4 arm, mechanical security bracket to hold and charge the new revolutionary product.

Again RTF introduces innovative technology at the same time Apple starts to ship the new iPad 3. Introduced at the 2012 GlobalShop show in Las Vegas, RTF reveals its universal Tablet protection and charging solution.

When Tablets like the iPad 3 are merchandised in retail shops the full interaction of the display screens must be utilized to impact the customer and move them to a sale. RTF's new ViseX+ Tablet security and power system charges the iPad in the mount, therefore providing non-stop video looping capabilities.

Watch the YouTube video for more information and choose RTF for Superphone and Tablet retail display security systems to alarm and charge expensive consumer electronic in retail stores worldwide.

ViseX+ YouTube Video >


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