Saturday, January 28, 2012

Interactive, social media based, worldwide customer support

Worldwide Customer Support
As of February, RTF starts to implement its new, multilingual Customer Support Centre. This web designation will be the first point to clarify customer operational issues. Using a knowledge base and integrating Chat, Twitter and Facebook, RTF Centre will suit the information delivery demands of our “Social Media” aged store staff.

For issues not resolved online, RTF Centre will continue to track this case routing the phone call request to a field service engineer or customer service agent. The cloud based, RTF Centre is accessible from anywhere and has multiple eyes reviewing each case until settled.

If the call escalates and in-store service is required, the system notifies available, nearby service engineers and dispatches with complete customer visibility throughout the experience.

RTF drives to supply innovative loss prevention, retail display security products that promote positive customer interaction and decrease theft of expensive consumer electronics merchandise significantly.

The worldwide team at RTF are dedicated to delivering the necessary support and service to properly implement its anti theft systems globally.


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