Friday, December 14, 2012

12 12 12 Global Vise3+ Launch

On December 12th, 2012 RTF introduced significant advancements to its successful Vise3 anti-theft, retail store loss prevention system. 

The blue + was visible worldwide as a rolling, New Years Eve type celebration that began in Australia ended on the west coast of the Americas.

Committed employees, suppliers and partners introduced this inflatable + to the world, enjoying the experience and launching not only a new product but also a clear, concise and dynamic brand direction for 2013 .

Vise3+ adds to a popular, universal system further flexibility:
  • One mount for both wireless devices where the consumer electronic charges while resting on the base.
The worldwide launch emphasizes RTF's commitment to our global customers and delivering company products and services with a regional flair and attention.

The widely anticipated 12 12 12 announcement is now history and RTF looks forward to serving our customers around the the world with this innovative Tablet and Smartphone charging, display, mechanical and electronic anti-shoplifting system

RTF continues to prepare for its greatest achievement and product launch ever, SmartCircle in 2013. Mark March 13th, 2013 on your calender for a revolutionary retail system will be introduced changing everything - 03 13 13.

Monday, December 10, 2012

New product branding for 2013

With the launch later this week of Vise3+, RTF introduces its product strategy for 2013 today.

Simplicity is essential to core RTF products and services and the use of clean, concise mathematical symbol lends nicely to the 2013 Campaign... "You do the Math".

Vise [ ], RTF's premier brand for securing, displaying and charging consumer electronics such as Smartphones and Tablets has a rich history and today, still stands the test of time. was uploaded today to serve as an online history of this iconic brand but to also illustrate the direction of separating the company from the product. RTF has been traditionally red. The product brand moves to a cool blue with the transitional color grey, tying the product and company together.

Boomerang > dates back to RTF's inception in 1997. Being the first to patent key, detachable sensor technology RTF was well on the way to standing out as an innovative, retail display security and loss prevention company.

Throughout the years Boomerang has improved and in 2012 RTF proudly introduced its 3rd evolution announcing the Boomerang3 to the world.

RTF has succeeded in product innovation over the past 16 years but the 2013 forecast is expected to be ground breaking mainly due to the four pillars of strength and technology.

SmartCicle O will change the industry again on March 13th, 2013 or 3 13 13. A hardware/ software masterpiece, RTF will be heading into a new stratosphere as it transitions from the retail loss prevention industry to purely retail systems.

Later in 2013, to tie all the pillars together, a new Support OO engine is introduced that will define the direction and future on how the instructional message is delivered.

RTF's suite of retail security products, an aggressive and significant investment in game changing software, a fresh approach to training and a worldwide, dedicated team will ensure RTF becomes a formidable global company delivering retail store systems.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Another part of the 2013 formula

RTF asks the world to "Do the math" in 2013 and one integral part of the equation is the Vise line. 

A product line rich in history and innovation, Vise dates back to 2001 when the first locking claw was introduced to reduce cost, waste and greatly improve display aesthetics. RTF recently added a YouTube video outlining this long and successful history - Link

The Vise, retail loss prevention security system is expected to take a visual back seat to the customer's displayed product. Apple once commented on Vise3 in Dusseldorf, Germany - "We love your product because it doesn't try too hard".

Trust the innovation team at RTF, they do try hard to design the simplest, most functional, attractive, anti-theft systems in the world. Apple communicates that "product is king" and RTF continues to protect the important sovereign from harm but also allows him to rule unrestricted.

Vise continues to evolve as RTF introduces on a historic date, 12 12 12, Vise3+. The latest incarnation of this iconic anti-shoplifting system adds both universal charging and perfect product placement for both Tablets and Smartphones in portrait and landscape orientation. For more information follow this link to YouTube - Link.

Other product line enhancements are occurring as the new Vise LC is ready for sale.

Vise LC successfully secures a variety of retail display items from power tools to expensive handbags with a sleek, jewelry based appeal and methodology. 

This flexible, locking loop quickly wraps around handles, through button holes or any secure opening. Using a secure tool the Vise LC clasps onto the aircraft cable making a safety loop that cannot be tampered with.  

Vise LC carries out RTF's tradition of designing modern, stylish and chic products following the belief in matching its product image with the aesthetic appeal of the merchandise it secures. 

Vise LC is available in both silver and black making it suitable for any product look and is an extremely simple solution to set and adjust.

When securing retail merchandise the choice is obvious. For 16 years, RTF has pursued excellence in every step of product development and the customer experience.

Vise LC is one of the many examples to this achievement; ingeniously weaving the practicality of security, ease of use and timeless style.  

Visit RTF for information on the Vise line and other retail display security systems to display, secure and charge Tablets such as the iPad Mini and Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RTF adds to a long legacy of innovative, retail security solutions

Mark this date on your calender... 12 | 12 | 12

On this day RTF invites you "to do the math" and invest in a retail display, charging and security system that will expand along with your business and as technology changes.

With over 10 years of mechanical display security success numbers for Vise3 sales have far exceeded one million sold units worldwide. In 2007, Vise3 underwent significant enhancements that introduced the first mechanical and electronic hybrid that started an industry shift. Competitors hurry to catch up as RTF provides solutions that are aesthetically appealing and at the same time provide an iron clad store loss prevention strategy.

In essence we've built upon a very strong, successful foundation where our legacy of balancing eye pleasing aesthetics and impenetrable security resonates in Vise3+.

Vise3+ simply adds to a tradition of delivering superior customer interaction, invisible security and Smartphone and Tablet power ups.

As RTF drives to deliver a strong foundation for its revolutionary SmartCircle initiative, strategic product keystones needs to be put in place.

One key area focuses on device charging and factors out future technology and how it may impact the function of Smartphones and Tablets on display. 

RTF is excited to introduce the first building block towards the introduction of the most revolutionary system retail has seen since digital signage. See you on 12 12 12 for the Vise3+ reveal.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

iPhone 5 Smartphone to launch in retail stores this September

Since 2007 and the introduction of the Apple iPhone, RTF has been protecting and powering Apple's iconic Smartphone.

This game changing, wireless device was not only well designed and attractive, but the revolutionary iPhone moved many customers and competitors to the touch screen interface. In fact it created an entire industry shift towards this innovative tactile technology.

These next generation, Apple Smartphones quickly became targets of shoplifters and theft of iPhone wireless devices increased at an alarming rate.

Like Apple, RTF in 2007 also introduced new technology that continues to keep the leading, retail security and systems company at the forefront of the global loss prevention industry. This revolutionary display security system created a directional shift as well.

Vise3 launched the same year as the Apple iPhone. This key innovation included pre theft protection along with a mechanical/electronic display security hybrid approach. Because of high theft and a gap in competitors' product lines, RTF found that many new customers adopted its revolutionary anti-theft retailshoplifting system.

At the same time as Apple created a new Smartphone industry benchmark, RTF set the loss prevention bar high and its competition started to realize RTF's new direction. This trend towards both an electronic alarm as well as a strong mechanical lock protecting merchandise from theft is now an industry standard.

In 2010 iPhone 4 was introduced and the popularity of this iOS Smartphone continued to grow. Theft of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S became a serious problem and with RTF's system enhancements such as App Siren and locking display mounts, shop loss was greatly reduced.

Apple and RTF reflect each other in their approach to design and delivery as well as a focus on the best hardware and software experience.

With the new iPhone 5 appearing in retail stores the third week of September 2012, RTF is excited and prepared to charge and secure the new iPhone 5 Smartphone. Plans are in the works to provide a charge end that will work with Apple's new, smaller 19 pin dock.

Apple introduces its new hardware and software technology in the fall and RTF plans to change the retail loss prevention and store systems industry with the announcement of SmartCirlce in the spring of 2013.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Your product first... ours second

A Sleek, New Approach to Product Display Protection 

RTF proudly unveils Lock Cable - a new, high security technique that both secures merchandise while matching the attractive appearance of the display product.

Lock Cable successfully secures a variety of retail display items from power tools to expensive handbags with a sleek, jewelry based appeal and methodology.

This flexible, locking loop quickly wraps around handles, through button holes or any secure, opening. Using a secure tool the Lock Cable clasps onto the aircraft cable making a safety loop that cannot be tampered with.  

lockCable resembles an elegant
 piece of jewelry 
Lock Cable carries out RTF's tradition of designing modern, stylish and chic products following the belief in matching its product image with the aesthetic appeal of the merchandise
 it secures.

Lock Cable is available in both silver and black making it suitable for any product look and is an extremely simple solution to set and adjust.

When securing retail merchandise the choice is obvious. For 16 years, RTF has pursued excellence in every step of product development and the customer experience. 

Lock Cable is one of the many examples to this achievement; ingeniously weaving the practicality of security, ease of use and timeless style.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sit, relax and surf on the latest Samsung III or Apple iPad 3

display Chair
RTF introduced its new, sit down and relax strategy focused on giving what consumers want - alone time with their new mobile, Smartphone device.

Our cell phone has become everything from a bar code scanner to a camera, GPS, gaming system, video camera, voice recorder and gateway to our social media world.

Users continually interact with the little handheld device from "What's Apping" friends, Angry Birds attacks and filtering a new photo uploaded to Instagram. 

This technology is at the epicenter of a lot of people's lives and, when investing in a new Apple iPhone 5, Samsung III or the latest Tablets they deserve quiet, relaxed alone time.

Best of both tech worlds
RTF is the first to offer the all-in-one "display on a chair". Makes sense right? For extended periods of time customers can explore the new mobile device that eventually will be the key technology connecting them to friends and the world.

Sit, relax and surf sounds fun and it is - customers chill and can either interact with the fully charged mobile phone in the seated position or pick up the iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Microsoft phone to get a better impression of weight and feel.

iPad Security and Charging
All along RTF continues to do the job it has successfully done for the past 16 years - secure the merchandise as if it was jewelry and keep the Smartphone charged ready for use and customer interaction.

The choice is clear for Smartphone device security and charging... RTF. Come by and visit our new website for more information or drop by our PLP >

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A new, fresh, clean approach to RTF's web presence leads to simple navigation

On Wednesday June 20th, 2012 RTF launched its new, corporate web site. The interactive and simple to navigate internet destination now improves the flow of information for both new customers as well as existing clients.

Categorized "By Product" and "By Solution", RTF system knowledge can be easily grasped leading to a greater understanding, more quickly.

The main objective is to provide timely information on RTF's line of anti-theft, shoplifting prevention systems that alarm and charge expensive consumer electronic such as mobile phones and Tablets in retail stores.

In-depth information on the company, vision, leadership and culture is provided to emphasis the difference between RTF's approach and those of its competition.

Fully linked and integrated with RTF's social media outlets, customers can quickly discover current projects through avenues such as FacebookTwitter, YouTube and Tumblr.

New product inquiries are automatically synced with RTF's CRM, Salesforce as well as customer service and support cases making follow-up more efficient and timely.

Global, online customer assistance has been upgraded to be simple, comprehensive, and user satisfaction is increased by the intuitive Support Center.

RTF and all the staff who have worked very hard on the launch invite you to visit the new site.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Virgin Mobile at MUCH in downtown Toronto

Store front
Virgin Mobile and RTF work together worldwide and one of the coolest spots to interact with the latest Samsung, iPhone, Blackberry and HTC Smartphones is in downtown Toronto.

This trendy store located in the famous MUCH Music studio has been visited by many musical celebrities.

Floating Mobile Devices
Hip and happening, the fully tricked out store spotlights the latest Smartphones trends offered by the wireless carrier, Virgin Mobile.
Virgin Display

The mobile phone displays ooze funkiness as they cascade up, in an organic fashion bringing your eyes to the prize - the perfectly presented jewel, the Smartphone.

Looking out to Queen St.
Incorporating the iconic 45 degree, aluminum mount Virgin Mobile Superphones are visually pleasing, fully powered and protected against shoplifting by both an electronic and mechanical advantage.

RTF's approach is one where the merchandised Smartphone takes centre stage and the loss prevention security device falls out of sight similar to how the setting of a ring holds the diamond.

A loss prevention and mobile device charging solution needs to incorporate a pleasurable experience for the customer and attract interaction through simplicity of design and function.

One of our customers, Apple, commented at a trade show in Dusseldorf - 'The RTF system works because it doesn't try too hard'.

Drop by the Virgin Mobile Store at MUCH during your next visit to Toronto.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

RTF grows into a new facility to better serve increased market demand

RTF christens a spectacular, 10,000 square foot corporate office with its first successful week in its new Mississauga, Ontario facility. The worldwide, in-store retail systems company recently split its corporate office from the Think Ranch innovation center so both entities can focus on the individual tasks at hand.

The corporate goal focuses on worldwide management of operations from a more efficient space, accessing a dynamic and high tech labor pool located near RTF's facilities in the heart of Canada's Silicone Valley.

North American customer support, sales, administration and warehousing are positioned at this strategic point which is connected by all major Toronto highways and rail lines. Only 10 minutes from Pearson Airport both international and domestic guests will find navigating from Toronto's international airport to RTF's offices effortless.

Ping Pong :)
The headquarters also incorporate RTF's training workshop with a fully functional store that delivers a live, full video and audio feed to RTF's worldwide offices as well as our reseller's to provide comprehensive, interactive support and training.

The attitude that makes Think Ranch a great environment to work in was transplanted to the new corporate  establishment where flexible hours, a daycare facility, and playful Ping Pong matches are enjoyed and practiced.

Think Ranch situated only 30 minutes north of RTF's Millcreek location is a haven for ideas where seeds of innovation are planted and harvested. A key group of "blue skyer's" remain at the idyllic location where anything is possible and the future RTF retail display security and in-store charging, media and management systems are being developed.

This divide and conquer strategy will catapult RTF to the forefront of a very competitive loss prevention industry. By 2014 RTF plans to lead through its innovative solutions to charge, secure, alarm and display mobile devices such as Apple and Android Smartphones as well as Tablets. 

RTF welcomes all visitors to its new corporate office and a member of the team will proudly offer a tour.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

RTF secures cordless power tools at "DIY" giant Home Depot

Power tool display
Expensive handheld power tools supplied through manufacturers such as Milwaukee, Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita, Ryobi and Black and Decker are the targets of "Do it yourself" shoplifters.

RTF security cable
Displayed hand tools are best when held by customers, and hardware retailers such as The Home Depot are challenged by dishonest individuals who hold onto the power tools, all the way out the door never paying for the home improvement hardware.

This is why The Home Depot and RTF teamed up. The RTF power tool cable security solution still provides the customer an interactive experience while reducing the chance of shoplifting. Retractable, heavy gauge aircraft cable is recoiled into attractive housings that disappear behind the display and out of sight.

High security along with a smooth, recoiled pull stimulates customer interaction and moves the DIY'er to purchase the renovation tool.
Invisible power tool

Introduced recently is RTF's new, universal and visually pleasing locking loop. This simple and secure locking hardware provides the proper size loop for each and every power tool on display.

Landing in the fall of 2012 RTF brings its electronic aircraft cable technology to hardware merchandise that forms an active alarm when cable cut is attempted.

For more details on RTF's line of cordless power tool merchandise security systems please contact RTF.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Target hits the bullseye with the RTF Boomerang3 mobile phone display system

The US retailer Target offers amazing brands at a remarkable value, and has now implemented the RTF Boomerang3, auto correcting Smartphone and Tablet display solution.

Boomerang3 simply defined is a small, low profile security pad that attaches to merchandise using a very high bond 3M tape called VHB.

These pads match with mounts that use rare earth magnets along with intuitive mechanical design to ensure the display merchandise always comes back to the spot it starts - like a boomerang!

Managed my the electronic retail giant, RadioShack this mobile phone kiosk offers super phones from all US carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile.

The draw of the Boomerang3 system is a combination of simple design and operation, along with great value, a long standing reputation and industry leading reliability.

RTF customers worldwide such as Vodafone Spain, Meteor Ireland and Telus Canada use the same retail display system.

Next time you design a retail fixture and need to set it straight contact one of RTF's worldwide offices for support.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Apple's iPhone 4S is safe from smartphone theft at AT&T stores in the US

iPhone 4S on display in AT&T
In anticipation of the launch of the new Apple iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S is still breaking records in customer popularity and devices sold.

RTF is preparing for the introduction of the new Apple Smartphone and through preliminary reports and buzz, it appears the next iPhone will have a curved back to better form fit the customer's hand.

Classic Apple Display
As touch screen technology advances the future Superphone shape will change and RTF is investing alot of R&D time, energy and funds into a preparedness plan to secure the lastest iPhone 5, next Blackberry, Microsoft and Android mobile phones that will incorporte the ensuing sexy, curved look.

Definitive Apple - RTF look
Superphone theft in retail stores around the world is still on the rise.  RTF continues to lead our industry in new software technology that  locks the mobile device, sends GPS coordinates and text messages through SMS as well as photos via email to ensure there is limited benefit by stealing expensive handheld mobile phones from wireless carriers such as Cricket, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular.

As RTF becomes the first hardware/software retail solution supplier the RTF engineering team nevertheless focuses on designing the best hardware solutions to combat cell phone theft from retail shops.
Recently our 12D lockable mount solution with a redundant second locking aircraft cable was implemented to create a strong loss prevention plan in AT&T stores to control the loss of the Apple iPhone 4S.

Follow RTF on Facebook as this innovative company becomes the first software, hardware, customer support and supply chain power house in the anti theft and retail loss prevention industry.