Saturday, December 31, 2011

A successful 2011 will lead to hyper growth in 2012

In 2011 RTF transformed...

For the following year, 2012, RTF is perched for growth not only through innovative products, but also by supply chain advancements and cloud computing technology.

2011 unveiled many exciting new products such as:
  • App Siren - the worlds first on board, application-based device security system that detects theft of Smartphones and Tablets in retail stores [info].
  • Lift Act - a merchandising move towards more secure, stable, limited lift display interaction [info].
  • Lock Mount - a user selected option that allows the Smartphone or Tablet to be locked into the display decreasing shoplifting by a very high rate [info].
  • Smart Alarming - a new approach to reducing false alarms, stopping cell phone theft and building back retail store staff confidence [info].
European Wireless Retailer
In 2011 RTF expanded globally, exhibiting at EuroShop in February, opening UK based offices in April and by December secured multiple European accounts.

For 2012, RTF establishes key worldwide service and warehousing centers and continues sharing the RTF culture of delivering superior electronic and mechanical retail display security solutions at the best value, supported locally.

Our industry is globalizing. RTF believes in providing what the customer demands, requires and fits their needs locally. "Glocalization" or the practice of conducting business according to both local and global considerations, is RTF's passion, and the flare and flavors of the world will be reflected in RTF products and systems in coming years.

In 2012 RTF moves to larger facilities in Mississauga, markets its loss prevention security systems actively through trade shows, continues to build a strong executive team and like no previous year expands throughout the globe along with its innovative anti theft retail loss prevention systems.

RTF appreciates our customer, partner, employee, supplier and competitor contributions this year and wishes health, happiness and success to all in 2012. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

RTF Lengthens its Recoiler Warranty by 3 Times

High traffic stores demand long lasting recoilers

RTF continues to innovate and at the same time provides the highest level of customer satisfaction and value.

On Monday December 19th, RTF announced its plans to extend the current recoiler warranty and guarantee the electronic/mechanical anti theft retractor for a period three times longer than previous coverage.

Bill Dandie, RTF's President states, "Recoiling tethers are notorious for short lives and causing false alarms in retail stores. Through RTF's new Smart Alarming software, and improved design and quality assurance programs the RTF recoiler will be both secure and stable, as well as long lasting and environmentally friendly".

Electronic recoiling cables provide not only the security to protect Smartphones and Tablets from being stolen in retail shops, but also these retracting devices keep retail merchandise displays attractive as well as clear of unsightly cords and cables.

The new Smart Alarming firmware is available on all 10 and 5 port Hubs and will be available on the Android App Siren in the new year. 

For more information on RTF and its world class products please visit our website -

RTF... Transforming Vision

Thursday, December 1, 2011

RTF changes the Retail Display Security Industry again

Over the course of 15 years RTF has separated itself from the competition leading our industry in key initiatives.

In 1997, RTF patented the first modular connector, detachable sensor that made merchandising easier, reducing overall costs for the retailer. In the year 2001, RTF introduced the first universal mechanical locking claw and still to date supplies this iconic part that is reaching one million units sold. 2007 was the year of Alarm Charge where a hybrid approach of electronic and mechanical display security still provides the best value, most attractive loss prevention solution.

Today, December 1st, 2011 it will all change again... significantly. Since November 2010 RTF has been developing technology that will simplify and strengthen in store security of Smartphone and Tablets.

The team at RTF is very proud to introduce the future in device security ... App Siren. App Siren is an application loaded onto a Superphone or Tablet that becomes the alarm and renders the device useless without the proper password.

Today Smartphone theft is ridiculous and brazen thieves are stealing devices at an alarming rate, but it is time to deny them the benefit and to lock the Smartphone so thieves cannot sell these stolen devices on the street illegally.

Also, App Siren alerts staff or head office of the theft via SMS or email and appropriately uses the on board camera to send photos of the environment.

App Siren is available for download today on the Android market, simply search App Siren.  

Applications for Apple, Blackberry and Microsoft will be available in the first quarter of 2012.

For any questions regarding this amazing, new technology please contact our President - Bill Dandie.