Thursday, November 24, 2011

Virgin Mobile relies on RTF for Smartphone and Tablet Display Security

Apple iPhone 4S
In Canada the quickly recognizable brand, Virgin Mobile is owned by the telecom giant Bell. RTF and Bell's history dates back to 1997 when RTF designed an innovative loss prevention system for Bell.

At that time store anti-theft systems where big, bulking and employed zip ties to lock the sensor down on the cell phone. RTF's introduction in to the shoplifting prevention industry started with a small and appealing recoiler and a flexible sensor that detached from the retractable tether and was the first of its kind.

This patented technology set the standard for the retail display security industry, and to this day was the first company to incorporate a detachable sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

RTF's growth has been strong since the Alarm Charge system in 2008 and now works with some of the most prestigious wireless carriers worldwide providing secure displays, charge, alarm and digital media via its LiftTouch technology.

RTF's sales doubled in 2011 and sets its sights on being #1 by 2014.

Its success is attributed to delivering what global customers demand, which is a mechanical and electronic alarm system that at any time can be locked virtually eliminating shop loss.

Currently RTF supplies its patent pending Alarm Charge system to secure, attractively display and power the Apple iPhone 4 S and the Samsung Galaxy Tablet at Virgin Mobile all across Canada.

Friday, November 4, 2011

RTF's App ties together all significant news feeds


Today, social networking and media leads all Internet activity and with Facebook nearing 1 billion users, corporations need to reach out socially.

In this day and age, customers and consumers thirst for fresh information and follow a company's product, service and in some cases, its social fiber online.

In order to design and develop innovative loss prevention security systems that reduce theft in retail stores, the company itself needs to be innovative.

RTF is a leader in Smartphone/Tablet anti-shoplifting protection and prides itself as a corporate citizen through close attention to the planet and charity.

Our social media updates mention not only significant product advancements, but also key green initiatives as well as our charitable outreach locally, and worldwide.

Scan QR Code
Now all key news feeds from Facebook, YouTube, Blogger and Tumblr are conveniently combined into one easy to use software App that can be downloaded to your iPhone, Blackberry, Mobile 7 or Android Smartphone.

Simply scan the QR Code in this blog and follow the instructions and you will be up to date on all RTF activity ... worldwide.

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