Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Smarter Software means less False Alarms in Retail Stores

Sydney, Australia
False alarms not only desensitize staff to the intent of the electronic line alarms, to alert store employees of shoplifting, but customers also are seriously inconvenienced.

It's hard to enter a Best Buy in Canada, the Carphone Warehouse in the UK or a Dick Smith's in Australia and not hear multiple merchandise alarms echoing while you shop.

The sound of these annoying beeps are mostly caused by honest customers simply lifting displayed Smartphones and Tablets only to be surprised by an alarming sound. On occasion this has happened to me and I look at everyone around me pleading my innocence.

Recently an RTF employee brought his 6 year old son to a neighborhood store and explained what Daddy does at work. The electronics shop had competitor's equipment and he describes, "Daddy sells sensors that attach to products on display and if a theft is attempted, the alarms sounds". My friend picks up the closest display, setting off the alarm and his 6 year old cries out "Daddy are you stealing it!!!"

This is a serious issue in our industry not only because store employees have no faith in the annoyance but customers are negatively affected by the overall store experience.

Throughout the last 14 years, RTF has introduced technologies to reduce false alarms and intends by 2014 to reach a 0% false alarm and a 100% customer and

We are moving quickly towards the goal, and one of our current innovations has incorporated a "spinning head" to alleviate any cable strain in the recoiler, therefore greatly increasing its life. Also we will be introducing Smart Alarming in early 2012 that will use intelligent firmware to manage false alarms.

Our intent is to reduce all the noise and increase the customer experience while giving the store staff faith again. Watch us... we are transforming vision.