Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The exciting State of RTF Global

A message from the President
RTF Global is not only Transforming Vision... it is too, transforming.

Globally, we have established offices in the UK to service Europe and by early 2012 plan to open branches in China and Australia.

Our products continue to mystify and satisfy customers around the world with a unique approach, technology and visual appeal. RTF strives to design solutions based on value, ease of use and security but now applies extra energy and attention to save the planet and reduce waste.

We donate our time, energy and finances to help others whether that be an employee, a local charity or helping worldwide.

For a strong and stable future, an executive management team has been assembled plotting the course of controlled, sustainable growth and managed success.

As RTF's mass appeal becomes obvious we will become a target and sometimes misunderstood. Whenever you need clarity on how RTF, my team or I embrace our business please feel free to contact me.

Bill Dandie - President, RTF Global Inc.


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