Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Samsung Galaxy PC Tablets are safe from shoplifting worldwide

Recent European installation
The Samsung PC Tablet, the Galaxy seems to be the strong second place contender to the Apple iPad. 

RTF works with Samsung all around the world helping their resellers safely place fully functional, charged PC Tablets in front of customers.

Theft of expensive Tablets is increasing and RTF has developed a hybrid solution to positively promote the live, powered Tablet while protecting it from shoplifting or theft.
Vise3 X Locking Bracket

The mechanical advantage of the four arm locking claws ensures a strong defensive against "Grab and Run" type thefts.

RTF's mechanically electronic recoiler allows full customer interaction and free range of use so the buying experience is heightened. The strong mechanical nature of the recoiler, coupled with the electronic alarm properties of pre theft catch thieves before products are stolen.

When the system needs to be set at a higher "Def-Con" security level, RTF's innovative, secure and cost effective solution, Lift Act can be implemented quickly. Lift Act is a "limited lift" solution that provides free movement of the Smartphone or Tablet. Customers can pick up the consumer electronic and lift it marginally reducing the interactivity level slightly while greatly increasing security, longevity and reducing costs.

RTF's loss prevention system now incorporates a lock down option so that at any time, the user can fasten the locking claw of the Vise3 into the display fixture. This provides the highest level of Tablet or Smartphone anti-theft protection but reduces the customer experience.

Contact RTF Global and RTF Europe for more details - 888.826.7773 or visit Facebook and follow RTF for the latest developments.

Retail Loss Prevention Systems to secure expensive consumer electronics mechanically while charging and alarming the merchandise and triggering Interactive Digital Media content to LCD Monitors

RTF's Anti-theft system powers and protects Smartphones, iPhones, Tablets, e Readers, GPS Navigation and digital cameras


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