Monday, July 4, 2011

Samsung 10.1 Tablet Security and RTF's New Boomerang3 X

iPad 2 and Samsung 10.1 Coming Soon
Today PC Tablets like the Samsung 10.1 Tab are introduced at an alarming rate. RTF has employed a strategy to better serve our worldwide customers and the merchandise that RTF secures, charges and alarms in their retail stores.

RTF's iPad 2 and PC Tablet anti-shoplifting system is an extension of years of success displaying and securing Smartphones. The Vise3 system is celebrating over 10 years and over 750,000 installations across the globe, RTF decided to implement a proven technology.

Built on the solid chassis of the Vise3 platform, RTF's approach to secure a PC Tab is utilize 4 interchangeable arms [ViseX] and grip the corners of the Tablet tightly, while allowing unencumbered customer use of the iPad 2 or Tab.

The universality of the Vise3, 2-arm system is legendary and our "one size fits all" Smartphone success hasn't been replicated in our ViseX Tablet formula to date.    

RTF has introduced a plan where the majority of security components are reused and the 4 ViseX arms can be disconnected and replaced. 

Due to the speed that new Tablets are brought to market, RTF has revealed an interim strategy that while form fitting arms are produced, customers will have the confidence to display and charge a Tablet using the new Boomerang3 X.

This simple and effective approach provides a high level of display security, quality and interacts with the same mount as the ViseX. Using a large surface area of 3M VHB tape, the Boomerang3 X is introduced and utilized until the 4 arms solution can be produced and delivered.

Once the arms arrive, the Boomerang3 X is removed and the new arms installed. This tactic guarantees live, functional, charged Tablets and iPads that are securely merchandised until a time when the full time solution is available.

This is an easy to manage, short term measure that allows live, working Tablets to be displayed resulting in increased customer interaction and sales.

Contact RTF Global and RTF Europe for more details - 888.826.7773 or visit Facebook and follow RTF for the latest developments.

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