Friday, July 15, 2011

The Mobile Shop Markets all of Canada's Wireless Products

The Mobile Shop Display
Located in Loblaws stores throughout Canada is a display that merchandises Smartphones for all of Canada's wireless retailers such as Telus, Bell, Rogers, Fido, Virgin, Solo and Public Mobile.

Close to a year ago this retail display landed in stores and today looks like it was recently delivered. The success of the roll out can be attributed to experience, planning and selecting the right team.

ISPA was entrusted to build the display fixtures and through years of knowledge in manufacturing displays for mobile retailers, ISPA enlisted RTF to provide the Smartphone security.

The system that was implemented has been used worldwide by many wireless retailers to present and secure non working cell phones. The Boomerang3 system uses rare earth magnets to perfectly straighten phones after the customer has interacted with them. Like a boomerang that comes back to the same spot, so does the merchandised cellphone.

Smartphones sit perfectly straight
ISPA through years of practice engineered the display to incorporate RTF recoilers in a fashion that guarantees a long life for the recoiler. With a recoiler properly positioned not only is the customer interaction heightened, but also the recoiler will last longer without needing to be replaced.

ISPA and RTF continue working in unison to provide complete solutions for Loblaws as well as other retailers.

Contact RTF Global and RTF Europe for more details - 888.826.7773 or visit Facebook and follow RTF for the latest developments.

RTF Global - Retail Loss Prevention Systems to secure expensive consumer electronics mechanically while charging and alarming the merchandise and triggering Interactive Digital Media content to LCD Monitors

RTF's Anti-theft system powers and protects Smartphones, iPhones, Tablets, e Readers, GPS Navigation and digital cameras


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