Friday, June 10, 2011

Independent recoiler tests show the durability of RTF's design and manufacturing

DCI Test Equipment
An independent study conducted by DCI to determine the best recoiler for  customer use has left RTF leading the list.

Perin Shaw, from DCI in Milwaukee, WI developed an apparatus to test a wide range of recoilers on the market today. A recoiler is a cable management system that retracts aircraft cable onto a spool within a plastic housing. Pull boxes, Tethers, Cord Reels or Retractors, all related names for recoilers typically are used in retail stores to control merchandise and to reduce shoplifting.    

These recoilers are pulled by customers many times within a day and a spring ensures that the cable retracts back into the housing.

Some recoilers, especially China based product have a tendency to prematurely fail, therefore needing to be replaced at an additional cost [Staff Time, Equipment and Shipping].

Through the recent testing Perin found that the RTF recoiler lasted 10X longer than the competition lowering the long term, overall cost.

When longevity, strength and quality are key to your next retail display security project choose RTF to save costs and increase customer satisfaction.

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