Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Blackberry Playbook launches on April 19th and will be protected from shoplifting by two RTF loss prevention solutions

Due to the high theft risk of Tablets, RTF has two options to protect and secure the new Blackberry Playbook while on display in retail stores.

The first mechanical loss prevention solution incorporates the ViseX system where all four corners are secured and then locked into a central alarm sensor that provides power and alarm for the new Blackberry PC Tablet.

Designed to allow the consumer full use of the Playbook's corner hot spots the 4 claw mechanical gripping system ensures unencumbered use while providing the highest level of display security.

Install the new PC Tablet on RTF's Lift Act system and the Playbook will be virtually impenetrable to theft.

The second option is RTF's standard 2 claw, Vise3 system. Once the large [L] locking clamp to installed the Playbook is fully functional and secured while providing perfectly presented display quality.

Contact RTF Global for more details - 888.826.7773 or visit Facebook and follow RTF for the latest developments.

RTF Global - Retail Loss Prevention Systems to secure expensive consumer electronics mechanically while charging and alarming the merchandise and triggering Interactive Digital Media content to LCD Monitors

RTF's Anti-theft system powers and protects Smartphones, iPhones, Tablets, e Readers, GPS Navigation and digital cameras


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