Wednesday, January 26, 2011

iPad and Tablet Display Direction

Physical Security, Alarm, Charging and lift+Touch through RTF's new Lift Act system
A trend is emerging where customers shopping for the latest and greatest “tech” interact with large, displayed consumer electronics in the seated position.

Easily rotate from portrait...
Gone are the days consumers raise displayed Smartphones and Tablets to their ear because most of our daily interaction with our devices is just north of the “belt line”.

So RTF, being a leader and innovator in retail display security has developed a system that allows iPads and Tablets to be secured at a comfortable angle of interaction, held into place with the ViseX, and protected and powered though the Alarm Charge system.

Spring loaded operation
RTF will never place customer interaction in the back seat and has incorporated a “stress free” lift where the iPad or tablet is not fully locked, but lifts up via a spring based tube. This lift offers a better feel for the customer than fully locked solutions and provides the interface to trigger our lift+Touch interactive digital media system.


    RTF Global's new Lift Act system is a "recoiler free", very secure, aesthetically pleasing, full featured display that provides an interactive customer experience while providing best in class security and charging. the landscape
    A purely mechanical option exists where the iPad is mechanically secured, allowing customers the opportunity to rotate the screen from the portrait to the landscape position.
Display options include counter and wall mount as well as a low profile, 10-15 degree stand that is in the works.

  • Without a recoiler, the fully alarmed and charged system is less expensive, and hard to charge devices like the iPad charge effortlessly.

    • With the highest "wear and tear" piece, the recoiler, not installed the system runs "false alarm free" for a long, long time improving the customer and staff experience.
    • Security is heightened through no longer needing a recoiler and all sensitive areas are blocked through overlapping security techniques.
      All components are designed from high quality materials that last. Setup is easy and only takes minutes, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.
    Choose the most secure, cost effective, long lasting solution to place an iPad or Tablet at retail stores, trade show booths, museums, sporting events, dental offices, or any place you can think of.

    Contact RTF Global for more details - 888.826.7773 or visit our Facebook page for more images.

    Tuesday, January 25, 2011

    RTF Global Blog goes live in 2011

    RTF promises to provide key updates on industry trends and RTF product developments ensuring our customers succeed in their marketing and loss prevention strategies.